Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Turkey!

I hate getting up early on the weekend...especially for the purpose of driving to Brockvegas.

It's not that I dislike Brockville, or the people there, but the act of driving itself is frightening!  Have you ever driven to Eastern Ontario??  Traffic, crazy drivers and Mack trucks, oh my!

Anyway, we're going to the hubby's family's Thanksgiving this year.  In the last two days, I've whipped up a batch of Ken's Decadent Brownies and two Maple Pecan Apple pies.

They're quick, they're easy and super delicious!  Hope you enjoy this easy Thanksgiving recipe!

Maple Pecan Apple Pie  

2 frozen pie crusts
5-10 apples, peeled, sliced thinly (enough to over fill one of the pie shells.)
Small bag of crushed pecans
2 teaspoons of butter
2 heaping tablespoons of real maple syrup
2 heaping tablespoons of cinnamon
1/2 cup of brown sugar
egg or milk to wash over the top of the pastry.

Poke holes in the bottom of a pie shell.  Peel, and slice the apples, use the pie shell to gauge how many to use.  Melt the butter in a microwave with the maple syrup.  Add the pecans, cinnamon, brown sugar.  Mix well.  Dump in and coat the apples.  Dump the apples back into the bottom of the pie shell you poked.  Carefully remove the other pie shell from the foil liner.  Roll it out with a rolling pin, and use it to cover the top of the pie. Smoosh the sides with your fingers and cut off the excess with a knife.  Use the egg or milk with a pastry brush to brush the top.  Using a knife, put a few vents in the top.  Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

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  1. Oh yummy! That pie recipe looks really, really, good (and deadly for the waistline). I'm with you as far as highway driving is concerned - which is why I will NOT drive into Toronto LOL

    Have a wonderful, safe weekend and enjoy your visit with Shane's family.