Saturday, October 16, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Cat

I like dogs.  I have never really been a cat person (I suspect my parent's utter hatred for the creatures has something to do with it...)

My husband, on the other hand, loves them all, even the ones with bad attitudes.

We have wanted to get a pet for a while, but because we live in an apartment and our lives are so hectic, getting a dog just seemed unfair to all involved (and I'm sure my landlord is grateful).  My husband has been on me for years to get a cat, but I was hesitant.  They scratch.  They shed.  They can be or make your house smelly.  They can be very aloof and not affectionate.  They scratch.  Did I mention they scratch?  Did I also mention that we have a brand new couch?  Well, there you go.

Cat Claws + New Couch = One Dead Cat.

Enough said.

However, I have been warming up to the idea.  I barely see my husband anymore.  I usually get a day on the weekend, and a night (or two if I'm lucky) during the week.  Between his hours at work and school and my schedule, he's almost a stranger. (Great way to start a marriage though! Ha!)  I'm lonely.  He's lonely.  We're in that nesting stage...not ready for a baby what with the lack of an actual home (and secured employment!) but ready for something more.

So, last weekend while visiting his family in Brockville, Shane and I bought a kitten.

She is an almost 4 month old, chocolate point Siamese with icy blue eyes named Sookie (yes, after the character in True Blood - we wanted something Asian sounding...Sookie stuck.)  Shane likes to walk into the house calling her name like Bill does.  It's hilarious.

And so far, I think she might be the most lovely cat ever.

She took her first car ride.  All four and a half hours of it in Thanksgiving traffic while perched on my shoulder.
She enjoys watching for our car out the window on her "Stripper Pole".
She hopped in the shower one morning, unexpectedly, and after leaving and meowing in protest, she hopped back in.
She likes to sit on my chest while I type on my computer.
She likes the way my cell phone vibrates when you type on it, and has attempted to communicate with Shane on several occasions.
She sometimes thinks she's a turban and sleeps on our heads, but for the most part she sleeps between us.
She purrs a lot, and likes to meow at me while I cook.  It's like she's telling me about her day.
So far, she has killed her fishing rod toy...and is quite sad about it.
When we got her, she smelled like a bounce sheet.  I can't figure out why or how, but she still does now.  It's fantastic.
Still waiting for her to bust into "We are Siamese if you Please!"

As far as cats go, she's pretty amazing.  It's been nice having a furry little thing to come home to at night, and to keep me company.

Anyway, welcome to the family, Sookie.  You're a little weird.  You'll fit in great!


  1. I have to come and see her soon!

  2. Stephanie, she is gorgeous! It sounds like you have yourself one wonderful kitty. When Paul and I were first married we got two Siamese kittens and everyone said, "Oh Siamese are so aloof and nasty". Wrong! Yes, some of them can be (our second Siamese we got for Keara years later, was like that), but the first two we had were almost like little puppies. So smart, so affectionate and it
    appears that Sookie has the same wonderful personality traits.

    You and Shane will really enjoy her!