Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jet Fuel

I've been married for a week, and there's already somebody else.

I'm in love with a coffee machine.

I've had other coffee machines.  The relationship, at first, is a good one.  They satisfy my need for a quick morning jolt.  They do in minutes what others before them took hours.  It fills my mornings with joy knowing that when I wake up, my coffee is ready to go.

But then, reality sinks in.  The machine drips seductively from the kitchen, the scent of coffee wafting through the house.  Their gurgling teasing me, the pot only half full of deep, black jet fuel.  The anticipation nearly kills me.  "It's eight o'clock," I say, "why aren't you done yet?"  And the coffee pot hisses in reply, laughing at my impatience and slowing its brewing process as if to say, "We both know who needs who in this relationship."

I try to make it work.  I run vinegar and CLR through the machine, hoping - PRAYING that it will do the trick.  "We can make this work!" I plead, "Please, just one more pot!"  

And then, the inevitable.  

Another trip to Walmart to find a replacement - the coffee machines lined up along the aisles like whores on the street, each displaying their wares for the world to see.  Slightly embarassed, I grab another version of the same machine, foolishly hoping that this one will be different.  But they never are, and the circle of abuse always continues.

Until we got married, and my boss introduced us to a "single cup" foreigner.  His name is Keurig, and he's sleek and slim and all the things I ever wanted in a coffee machine.

But we were cautious.  It has stayed in the box for about a week after the wedding.  My husband and I were afraid to open it.  "The coffee pods are too expensive," I whined, "and not to mention super wasteful..." my husband added.

We gave in and unpacked it.  Cautiously, we filled it with water and followed the instructions...and OH MY GOD the was like heaven.  Perfectly brewed, steamy and delicious.  Twelve different kinds to try out with names like "Jet Fuel" and "Doughnut Shop"...but, Keurig my love, you had me at "Tree Hugger."

Yes, you're an expensive habit, but SO worth it. 

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  1. It's the water where you live. You should buy bottled (the big jugs not individual) for the machine like my parents do. It's not really that expensive assuming you don't drink cup after cup of the stuff. I always buy it for Eli's bottles when we visit because the town water sucks, even after it's boiled.

    Good luck!