Monday, December 27, 2010

Clean House...Fresh Start.

I am the world's worst house keeper.

Seriously. I am not able to have surprise guests over - it makes me anxious. My house, on the best of days, looks like the aftermath of that twister that took Dorothy to Oz, minus the shriveled up witch's feet and singing munchkins.

However, I have this habit at the end of December. While others are relaxing and enjoying the leftovers, I am in cleaning mode.

And I mean crazy cleaning mode.

Blame it on my mother, (just like everything else, as she would say...ha) but she always stressed the importance of starting anything new with a clean room, clean closet, clean everything and as an adult this has extended to my entire house.

Ah, many Labour Day weekends were spent sweating in the depths of my closet, rooting around for lost socks and toys that I had forgotten about or searching the expanse of space under the bed vacuuming dust bunnies the size of my head.

Well, since we're heading into a new year, with new goals and new outlooks, I guess it only fitting to have a tidy house.

So, here's to being a better house keeper in be continued.

1 comment:

  1. Stephanie, I so know of what you speak.

    Sadly, like all my resolutions every year, my clean house soon becomes a thing of the past LOL

    Good luck!