Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 10 of Christmas

I ADORE Christmas shows.

...this goes back to the whole, nostalgic sap thing.  So here is my list of favourite Christmas shows/movies for kids and grown ups too...drop me a line if I've missed a good one!  I'm always looking to expand my regular repertoire!

My Top 10 Christmas Shows/Movies for Kids.

10.  Shrek the Halls
9.  A Garfield Christmas -
8.  Frosty the Snowman - 1969
7.  A Chipmunk Christmas
6.  Muppets Christmas Carol/Muppet Family Christmas - 1992
5.  The Polar Express - 2004
4.  A Charlie Brown Christmas - 1965
3.  Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer - 1964
2.  Santa Claus: The Movie
1.  The Grinch who Stole Christmas - 1966

My Top 10 Christmas Shows/Movies for Adults
10.  Fred Claus
9.  Love, Actually
8.  The Santa Claus
7.  Monty Python's Life of Brian (Hey!  It starts in a manger!)
6.  Elf
5.  South Park:  Christmas in South Park/Woodland Critter Christmas
4.  The Nightmare Before Christmas
3.  Die Hard
2.  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
1.  Bad Santa

So, pop some pop corn...sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat, settle in with a nice cup of coca and enjoy the best this season has to offer! xo

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